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Filicudi is the second most westerly island of the Aeolian Island chain and is covered with lush ferns, from which it derives its name.


The highest point is Monte delle Felci, which has an altitude of 774 metres. The island has three main villages - Pecorini, Valdichiesa and Filicudi Porto. The scenic peninsula of Cape Graziano extends off the southeastern corner of the island. Archeological evidence reveals that Filicudi was inhabited from at least 1300BCE [the Bronze Age].

The local fishing industry is located at the base of the mountain at Filicudi Porto, where my grandmother's family ran their fishing business for generations before emigrating to Australia.

Filicudi, along with the other Aeolian Islands, is now a popular tourist destination and offers first class accommodation, hiking trips to the mountain peaks and boating excursions around the island.

[Photos courtesy of David F. Gallagher:]

Filicudi's Cape Graziano
Cape Graziano from hiking trail

Filicudi view
View from hiking trail

Filcudi's rugged coastline, often rising at a 90 degree angle from the sea, offers a variety of beautiful inlets and caves:

[Photos courtesy of Justin Rubinstein:]

Filicudi boat trip
Surrounding waters

La Canna, Filicudi
La Canna, Filicudi's most famous obelisk

La Canna, Filicudi
La Canna from a distance

Filicudi caves
Approaching the caves

Filicudi caves
Cave mouth

Filicudi caves
Cave mouth - closer view

Aeolian Islands from Filicudi
View of the neighboring islands

Aeolian Islands from Filicudi
Neighboring islands

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